The Scribbling thought and “She”

Yes, Things are not in our hand. The only thing which is on our hand is giving the best whatever may be the circumstance. Presenting the raw self, without fabricating anything. Nothing at all. Original one. Real One. Yes, sometimes it gets worse and the other times it turns out to be better. But it [...]


The First Time-What did your first time do/does to you.

I’m not sure what kind of effect do memories have on each one of us. For me, when I sit back to reflect on my idea of self, I have nothing but these memories fall back on. Few memories make me laugh out loud and few keep me awake all through the night till dawn. [...]

Life and Happiness…..

There is more in life. There is the cafe in the corner of the city With the colorful chandelier which hangs from double height ceiling And the waiter who's a stranger Yet the unknown with a feeling of known Waves his hand, while reciprocating the smile... With my order of coffee, followed by his question Ma'am [...]