Inner Voice


I love loosing myself in an algorithm of challenge,
I love squeezing few extra minutes testing more things,
I love thinking “maybe I have got it at this time”

But here is the one thing,
I have never been for my hobbies,
I don’t like to do the things, that don’t pay,
I can’t keep on doing something simple for fun.

It was a bright day,
I woke up, watching the sunrise from my window,
A coffee mug in my hand, with some random feelings,
And suddenly my Critical Inner Self (CIS) popped
It whispered many things in my ear all the time

Why you are doing the things which you don’t like,
Why you are following the people,
Who never want you back?
Why you are running behind success,
Why you are not understanding your inner self,
Why you are trying to impress all,
Why you want to follow the crowd,
Why you are not doing the things which you like,

Do the things what you really want,
Do the things, which gives you mental peace,
Which makes you feel happy
Everything is not meant to pay you,
Make your life, what you dreamt…..
Make your life what you dreamt….





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