Be a Traveller..


Be a traveller of your life
Don’t be a tourist

Capture photos with ordinary people,
That will make them laugh and
Will help you to laugh along with them

Go out, grab street food sometimes,
You’ll be overwhelmed,
By the sweetness of street food,

Don’t plan everything for life,
Like a tourist does, you will be scared,
When you find some unforeseen along the way.

Complain about the storm is not going to help you,
Go out and drench in rain.
You’ll fall in love with that

Do the things what you like,
You are a traveller of your own life.
You are the only one,
Who can make the journey interesting.

Be a traveller of your life,
Don’t be a tourist


7 thoughts on “Be a Traveller..

  1. Wowwww… It’s amazing… express feelings of my childhood life too… that can’t be back! I wish You will achieve all the desires you have… Love You di.. keep rocking… really amazing….


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