Thoughts & Goals


Chill Winter morning. Roads are passionately covered by the fog. Sun is about to pour the golden shine. Few are enjoying the winter inside the blanket and few are still struggling inside the torn blanket on road side. Birds are in their nest. I woke up, went out and stood up with open arms. Pair of closed eyes, which are struggling to face the bright sunshine.

And numbers of thoughts came in to my mind

Why things are not same for all,
Why we took few things for granted,
Why we want someone to appreciate us
Why we are so skeptical about life?
Why we set goals for life?
Why we want to flow with the tide?
Why we want to swim in a large water body in the name of goal ?
Why we castle in the stars, and in the imaginary world,
Why we are so serious about judging others,

I lost in my thoughts and suddenly those question were broken with
Soft and sweet,
Charming and bright sunrise,
With the humming sounds of birds,
Which makes me smile.

Goal what we sets that make us run,
Goal should conform to the individuals,
Rather than make the individual conform to the goal
We stopped fending ourselves and make the life so skeptical

We need to make ourselves happy
We need to fend ourselves
We need to strive ourselves.
We are the in-charge of our life.

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