Warm Welcome…

New Year,
New hope,
New wishes,
New Sunrise,
New in Everything,
Hope this year will bring,
Lot of happiness to all.
A warm welcome 2017.

After speaking to so many people from (3 years to 70 years) about 2016, what I got in return is the same answer. Few were funny which makes me laugh so loudly, my stomach got hurt and few were heart touching. Most of the answers were same.

Let me sum up those and hope this is what happening with all.

  1. Worthy thing takes years – There is no overnight success nor any shortcut. Losing patience and hope will frustrate you and that will lead restless. There is no myth of overnight success. This was a reply of my senior.
  2. Live and laugh – This is what I learned from few kids. Make the demand, you will find a path towards the destination. Don’t keep the things inside. That will hurt.
  3. Negative event is often Underestimated – Over the last year, too many things happened. Most of them were unfortunates that literally ruined many plans, expectations, hope and dreams. Many shit happens. You never know when and how the life is going to hit you hardly. So don’t hold the negative events. Let them go.
  4. Invest your time with the people whom you love – Yes this is the best thing. One should not postpone this, else one fine day you’ll regret for not sharing many things with the people whom you love.
  5. Love hurts – Yes if you fall in love be ready to get your heart-broken. Even shattered. But a broken heart is the best motivation towards your goal. Replies from few adults. Apart from this I got some positive response.


“You are part of a puzzle in someone’s life. You may never know where you fit but someone’s life is incomplete with you “Overwhelmed with this statement.

One thing is sure and its common,   that they passed. Yes they left the memories, challenges, and lessons. Some resulted new or deepened in relationship, new jobs, new hopes, few kids become bit older but that also passed. And all were not bad but it passed. This is life. It goes on with the memories what we built.

So make this years with some good and beautiful memories. When we look back to 2017, exactly after 365 days a smile needs to appear in our lip, nor the anger nor jealous.  Only smile.

Keep smiling.
Have a rocking new year……

© Copy rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Warm Welcome…

  1. Haha …. You can’t judge or measure your life neither you could plan for a long. It’s a mystery of unknown. Ready to fight. Whatever you lose dats not yours. What you win that’s your courage. You inside your soul. That’s you. Be yourself . At last …
    “Life is complete in its incompletness”
    Thanx for ur warm welcome.


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