And I scared…
Scared about the people but not the mind,
Scared about the surrounding but not about the environment,
Scared about the storm and the silence
Scared about the answer but not the question,
Scared about the result but not the reason,
Scared about the life not the death,
Scared about the start not the end,
Scared about the known not about the stranger,
Scared about the love not the hate.

And I am scared,
And every scare has a beautiful story,
Every story is related to a prettiest heart,
Every beautiful heart is shattered,
But it protected by the almighty, 

Just like.. 

Beautiful roses are protected by its thorn,
Attractive mountains are protected by its height,
And covered with greenery.
Touching Sea is protected by its depth.
People are protected by faith and Gods grace,
Rain is covered by cloud

And every scare has a story to tell.
And, I am scared about the story..
And, I am Scared…

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