It Happens..

I some times gaze to the window
And  analyse how the world seems to be? 
People are born day in and day out, 
People die, day in and day out.
I sometimes ask myself what are we here for? 

Is there something driving us and we as human do not know?

People are born with disabilities 
Others normal, 
Some being very strange 

Others being different. 

Someone  may suffer from the day he  born
To the day he finally leaves.
Others enjoys till end the final leave, 
Some suffer from the beginning and 
And Enjoys at the end before finally leaving. 
Others enjoy at the beginning

And suffer at the end before leaving. 

But I know and believes that “It is for a reason”.

Someones who broke a million hearts 
And the ones who got their heart-broken.
The ones who love the dark
And the ones who bask in the sun. 
Someone who smile all the time,

The one who used to cry all the night to fall in sleep

And It happens for a reason.

Some one would be hated for no reason 
Other times the other would be loved for no reason
But I know it’s nature. 
Yes and no one can change it 

But I believe one day every thing shall come to perfection!!!

Because everything happens for a reason
And it happens for a reason.

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