A prince charming loaded with  her cuteness and a princess sitting beside him. Luck has played with them very hard. Shattered them from their dreams.

And torn them, away from their parents, they become all alone. And landed them to an “ORPHANAGE”

Put them in to a cage,
They become caged bird,
Yet dreaming to fly high.

With her all innocence, she asked
What is house and Families,
Reply from the kid, moist eyes of many

My little princess
Family is, the way we tease each other,
And we share our secrets
But we are missing most of the things,


A tinny cage exactly like this,
But that cage is different,


Shoulder to lean on, lips that would kiss away tears,
There are daddies, who had strong-arm to hold you,
Daddies with live in their dreams

And Mommies, who are beautiful and soft
Who are scented with flowery aroma &
Filled your dreams of becoming as lovely and as pretty

Princess asked why we are here?
And the kid didn’t reply

He was crying all the while
Planted a kiss on her forehead
Holding her tight and crying.
Crying  & Crying

© Blze2rise


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