Beautifull night


And the roof top,
Star pinched sky,
A new moon,
A shimmering crescent
In the darkening night,
Southern Breeze was blowing through my hair,

You came up from behind,
And closed a circle,
And embraced me,
Loveliness of the world,
A circle of tenderness,
Warmth and protection
Which gave me the permanent smile.

And now I am realising
That smile was not permanent,
Nor the tenderness,

Somehow I knew the journey was over,
The luck has run out,
And my soul scream and shout.
Some tears and heart aches,
Which paralysed my love.

And today,
I am standing all alone,
With my shadow,
Facing to the star pinched sky.

From heaven and hell,
And asking to self,

Am I deserve better than this,
Even though I’ll always miss.



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