Lost Affinity



It was mid of the night when Arya received a text from Anmol.

Arya,I Love you ♥. Do you?

Next day when Arya checked her mobile, she blushed by seeing Anoml’s text. After all, she had feelings for Anmol and they were friends from school.

Arya was the most intelligent girl of her school, yet the competitor of Anmol. She is an intelligent lady, with golden heart and favourite of all teachers. Anmol was always jealous about Arya. Since he used to get second position in school. With jealousy and cat fight they finished their education and both got placed in MNCs.

Sometimes, the people that you met you in ordinary way tend to take the most extraordinary place in your life. Same thing happened with Arya and Anmol. And they got a promotion in their relationship and became lovers. They both were happy with each other. And they took biggest step of their life and finally they gave a name to their relationship. From lovers to husband and wife. Aray gave up her career to have a happy life.  And after 3 years of married life they become proud parents of a “BABY GIRL”     

That become the turning point of her life. Anmol’s behaviour towards Arya forced her to think as if she committed a serious crime by giving birth to a BABY GIRL. Anmol started hating her because she gave a birth to a GIRL. Once Arya was everything to him but after the Baby Girl, he started abusing her verbally. Their happy family become the worst family ever. It shattered in many ways. She was jobless and became single parents of that GIRL.

Yes this is our society, there are thousands of people like Anmol and Arya. This is the message to all the men out there. Don’t be a man like Anmol. And all the women who is reading this, this is for you

You deserve someone who’ll make your life measurable not miserable.
You deserve someone, who’ll inspire you to pursue your career,
But more than that he’ll guide you in right way.
You deserve someone who’ll tell you “This is how much I care about you”
But more than that someone will show you.
You deserve someone’s first and the only choice,
You deserve to be the first one, someone think about even before their eyes open,
You deserve someone who supports you and helps you to be better.
You deserve someone who never makes you feel like your love isn’t too much.
You deserve to forget what pain feels like.
You deserve someone who’ll celebrate each day as your’s Day,
Nor he’ll wait for MARRIAGE ANIVERSARY,
You deserve someone who’ll celebrate every second and Every day.


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