Trip to Goa


And first time I realised how it’s difficult for asking leave and making a plan for vacation in mid of March.  Yes I am talking about my Goa trip with my Girl gangs. Planning for Goa was on Anjali’s mind from a very long time but the usual intricacies of a decent itinerary like planning what to do, where to stay, finding good company etc. was making it difficult to get the ball rolling.  It is then when we (Rashmita, Sharmistha, Rishmita and Two other friend and few who dropped their plans) joined their hand. And the plan was decided for 18th March and the group of four ladies were all set to sail on the exciting trip from the Joy city of Kolkata. When all girls stand in the same place and the excitement level was top of mountain for exploring the new place, losing boarding pass and missing the connecting flight was quite natural. Yes we experienced that also. Having Pizza at airport has different meaning when we were about to miss our flight, thanks to IndoGo airlines for giving a call.

“Madam we are about to take up, you people are the only four who are yet to be boarded” This is what we faced at Mumbai..

This is how our adventures started.

So Goa – Pretty nice place to be with your buddies and the first thing that comes in mind is absolutely many beaches. Sun, Sand, and the beautiful sea side view are perfect location to travel with your loved ones. You are expected to do nothing but to let the beach lover run into the sea. The bookworm in you to find a spot to read or the foodie in to hooping the sea food at shacks. The joy of riding on the beautiful, uncrowded roads of Goa and the essence of friendship which we felt while travelling together are some of the most important things we earned on our trip to Goa.


Sea beach – Our 1st evening in Goa got enchanted with the visit to The Baga beach. The graceful waves, cool breeze and the alluring sand greeted us with pleasure and ecstasy. As the evening proceeded, the ambiance got better under the dark sky with the twinkling stars and the tables were decorated with candles. Music got louder and we were getting dwelled in it. And our beach hooping continued in our staying at Goa, Calangute, Candolim, Palolem  and Anjuna etc. Watching the Sunset at Calangute beach given a different meaning to life. It proofs, no matter what kind of shit happens in your life or whatever situation you are going through, everyday can end beautifully. Though the beach, salty water and golden sand spoiled our costly clothes but the memories what we received in return will cherish forever. It gave a different meaning to life.

Fort Aguda– Fort Aguda” was very near to where we stayed. So planned to spend time out. Fort Aguda, as the name suggests, was a place for providing ‘aqua’ to the ships at anchor. Part of the Fort is now converted into a 5-start hotel part of it a Jail and part of it open for visitors. We first went to see the Jail. The jail is not open for tourists, and it looked very old and ill maintained too. Took snap, girls outing without selfie has no meaning and after our thousand clicks we headed back to the main fort. Fort Aguda is surrounded by sea on one of its side. The other sides have huge trenches built in and made accessible via a single path. It has open pace in the middle surrounded by huge walls. The tank is situated in a corner near to the entrance. We roamed around enjoying the views and capturing the memories in our camera striking poses. The view of the sea from the fort was breathtaking.


Be adventures –Your inner child unfurls many things when you stepped down at this place. Goa is a place which can bring the adventures side out with many option like jet skiing, parasailing, Water skiing, Snorkelling, Scuba driving though we haven’t tried all but we tried most . You will have tough timing to choose what to do and what to skip. When your life sucks, spending few buck to explore these new things doesn’t matter. I would suggest try every adventurous. It gives different meaning to life.

Party- You may or may not be a party freak but your situation will not allow you to stay inside the room. Goa is a place with full of clubs. In our five day staying at Goa we savoured vivid experiences ranging from the beautiful Bollywood Night of Mambos, Club Cubana to the ravishing club of Love Passion Karma.


Food- Food in our Goa trip was good. We ate mostly at near the shacks on the beach. The food cooked in traditional style was a true delicacy of the shacks in the Baga beach t Brittos. We enjoyed the cool climate and also soothing music played over there. And some couples were enjoying their romantic candle light dinners at the beach side, under the star studded dark sky.

The south is a great place to laze by the pool or on the sand and soak up the chilled ambience in the sunshine, while the north provides a little more excitement with its diverse dining and nightlife scene, as well as its bustling markets. Whether you consider yourself a beach bum, a history buff or a foodie, Goa has much to offer all manner of holidaymakers. From the beautiful shores of its beaches and striking green of its countryside to its mesmerising colonial history and its mouth-watering food; Goa is certainly a destination I feel proud to sell.

Glimpse of Goa Tour…



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