Beautiful smile of a young woman

I felt nothing, like a vacuum,
Nothing, like Numb,
And I felt completely alone,
As if no one could hear me                  
As if I was essentially invisible,
As if my shoulder sink under,
The weight of this stress.

And my mind echoes the number,
Eyes heavy but wide open,
Thinking maybe I missed something,

My memories are spotted,
With days gone of laughing, until I cried,
Or crying until I laughed,
Laughter and tears are both,
Are the human reactions,
Testaments to our capacity for expression.

And I learned how to ” SMILE” after,

And the fear ebbed away,
My mind becomes calm and I feel safe,
Focusing energy on this smile,
So as not to waste it in pain.

If I makes u laugh, it’s usually un-propose.
If I makes u cry, I still think you are beautiful.

@ blaze2rise


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