Ray of Hope


Yes it’s better to have a life like a kid. No boundary in life u can roam around whatever and whenever you want. I really wish I could go back and restart my life as previous it was. But its not possible. Time is the greatest weapon which changes many things.

It was Sunday. Ahhn not Sunday, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, blue sky was covered with the black cloud. Cold wind was flowing. Monochrome world. And I love to be in black and white rather staying in the grey side.

Another hectic week just passed and landed to the Sunday. I was sitting in the balcony sipping coffee and reading my novel. I was lost in reading the beautiful piece of literature and when it accompany by  Cozy couch, Coffee, Flowers and some slow background music is always amazing.

It was raining heavily and I thought my maid will not come today and I have to do all the chores. But contrary to that when suddenly the doorbell interrupted me and I reclaimed my conscious. It was my maid, she brought her 8 year old daughter today as it was Sunday and her school was closed. My maid requested me to switch on the TV for her daughter so that she could not disturb her mother while doing her chores.

I told her the work and again placed myself comfortable in the chair to read. Maid’s daughter named Asha (Hope) was least interested in watching TV rather she observed me all the time. After 1:30 hrs my maid finished her work and they both left. In the next day, Asha was again accompanied with her, I asked my maid why Asha is with, she don’t have school or what.

My maid said :”Arre madamji Asha jizd karne lagi anne ki, toh usko leke aana pada mujhe”. I then asked Asha why she wanted to come.

Asha said:” Madamji uss din aap kitab padh rahi thi, mujhe aapko dekh kar accha laga, kyuki mujhe bhi kitab padhna bahut pasand hai.”

Then I asked her what types of books she loves to read, she replied I only read my school books because my parents cannot spend extra money to buy other books. Her statement touched my heart to the deepest.

Asha used to go in the government school, and have 3 more siblings who are to be taken care of. She was in between her interest in books and her parent’s obligation to earn for 6 members which made her love for books to be kept aside.

Month passed and I gave few bucks extra other than the salary to my maid and told her strictly to spent this amount on purchasing Asha, a book which she desire to read. This is still every months routine, additionally Asha always comes on Sundays and brings her favourite book along with her and I help her understand if she gets stuck somewhere.

This is the story of Asha, who have the hope to grow, who loves to read. What if we all take a single step to help this kind of Asha. Tiny step taken by us will help many Asha to grow, that will help light up many candles. Our tiny steps will become a “RAY OF HOPE”.


2 thoughts on “Ray of Hope

  1. Grt job done…. We should always try to create this ray of hope… because no one knows that tomorrow might this ray convert sumone’s life.. Feel good when I find that you are doing this… Great

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