A Dainty Life


You wake up and you know it’s going to be a lazy Sunday.  Today is all about the fine art of having a relaxing, soothing, snoozing Sunday! A perfect slow day, a day for breakfasts in bed, naps and baths. A day to roam all around with your comfort Paijam. There is no rush for student nor working professional are busy with the loaded work.

I was making myself comfortable on sofa, for watching Roadies Rising’17. While tuning the channel, I perplexed myself on a channel, where Hindi movie Anand was plying. Heard a lot about this movie from my Father, my first love and the man who guided how to lead the life. So thought to spend few hours watching the movie Anand. Really this time 2hr 20minute was worthy.

An ill cancer person, who stays cheerful despite of knowing that he has just a few days left on earth. It was a movie that made a very important point about life – it’s not the number of days that you have lived but the memories you have created that matter.

 And our life is stuck up in between

“A choice to live and a choice to die”
Every one of us has a choice to live. We take for granted the choice to be alive and fend ourselves. Ever since our birth and ever since we have been breathing. A natural intricate to live and fight for our existence have been become our driving force to live. But what’ll happen, if we lost the choice. We no longer can breathe, eat or sleep. Can we enjoy the life the way it should be?  As we grow older, often we get so serious that we forget the wonder of life, we forget to do the small things which will makes our life so wonderful.
And on a serious note :
“Life and death are in the hands of God. Neither you can change it nor I can. All of us are puppets on a stage, whose strings are in the hands of God. When, who, how one person will die, no one can say “

Till the time of death, we all have a chance to make a difference in our lives, it is up to us to take that opportunity, to find bravery and our hidden strengths within ourselves. And we should Live the life like it’s going to end tomorrow.



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