Old Age Home


While crossing the foot over bridge
Of a crowded city
Where all are busy
Coz it’s a big city,

A grey old woman sits all alone
On the bridge
With her torn cloths
Unloved, un-cherished and unknown
Tears were rolling down
As if she was searching something
Or she has lost something
Or she doesn’t want to be found
Coz she doesn’t want to be
In the old age home

Ever since her children’s birth
She was anxious and awake
For Countless night
So that they’ll sleep well
She retained them close to heart
To give warmth, love and care

She curtailed her needs and expenses
To make sure they get
Better health, education and atmosphere
Now they are grown up
Married, working and successful
She is old, weak and sick

And they mercifully put her
In an old age home
Where she doesn’t want  to be
And holding her hope
One day they will find her
If she sits on the bridge



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