Choice & Tendency


Hey Raj, The more I think about life, it brings a bit closer towards me and it makes me to think more about it,  also  it makes me restless.

This was the statement of Araya. A beautiful girl, who travels with her messy thought always. And fortunately Raj is always beside her to listen. Indeed she is lucky to have Raj beside her. And Araya started asking, Raj what is the difference between “Choice and Tendency”. Raj a man with good sense of humor who used to call Araya a Bak Bak machine, started explaining with his logic and that’s the best quality of Raj.

You know my Bak Bak Machine; We human have two things one is Tendency and the other one is Choice.

A rock is a rock whatever you do, it is, its tendency to be a rock.

A tree doesn’t look like being affected by your words but if you hit it, it will collapse. This is tendency of tree.

A dog gets affected by your words, you slap the dog, it cries. You scold the dog it goes calm and this is dogs tendency, it has no conscious choice. It does whatever it likes to do by tendency.

We human gets affected by our surroundings, it is our tendency. But we too have also a conscious choice to make. We can consciously choose what should happen with us. It is our choice whether we want to leave our self to our tendency or to choose how we want to be.
That may be in the rush of life or with our emotions.

You know my bak bak machine, Why do people play with our feelings?

This question comes to our mind by tendency. Getting affected by someone or something  purely means, we are surrendered to that someone or something by the tendency we have, not because of our choice. If we allow our power to choose, it’ll never choose to be affected by anything . Because with our power of choosing, we will never choose to be affected by anything.

You know our mind generally gives us the best solution but our heart never allow us to follow the mind. The conflict between mind and Heart continues till we have the aches. And our tendency is to follow the heart, because we are afraid to accept the logic.

And Honey, Life is all about the choices what we make.   

So my Bak Bak machine don’t think much. I’ll always be there for you, he grabbed her a bit closer and planted a kiss on her forehead and she started blushing.



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