It was a Saturday evening. Star pinched sky, i was siting at lawn and roaming in my imaginary world. All of sudden i came to reality when someone asked me

What are you doing? Seems you lost in your thought?
Then my curious mind asked to the old man 

“Sir ! Can you please tell me what is Competition?  Why we human always run behind it. I overwhelmed by his thought. He was in a poetic mood and explained in such a nice way
Honey!!! You know what

When I was at age six I have been taught,
To study hard
Which makes me wonder
How can I do better

At the age of 14
I used to lie awake at night
How can I do Better
And I scored high
which gives me my existence
Amidst in the chaos

At the age of 18,
I have been taught
Finest students are those who crack the
IIT exam,
I was neither “the best”,
nor “the finest”,
nor even “the topper
At the market of competition
I started believing myself as a looser             

And at the age of 21
I have been taught
They are the most talented one who get a job in MNC

Never did I think of quit
In the market of Competition
And I have been taught

Everybody deserves a chance
Making it possible as advance
All day I pray
So that I’ll not get astray
And God was kind in the market of Competition
I won that.

8 years later, time changed, the new concepts arrived in the market,
Those who entered into 7 digit CTC,
They are the boss.
And the competition started again
Again God was kind to me
I won the competition.

Now, after losing & achieving of self-created competitions, my realisation is forcing me to admit without hesitation that 

Our mind has become an epicentre of all such nonsense thoughts / ambitions which are de-motivating & weakening us day by day although we are winning a series of competitions.

Life does not give us a definite guideline for winning a specific competition in particular time frame. I see people are very keen to compete with each other because of having no pre-determined goal. They set their goal having a look at other’s goal as I did. One needs a BMW just because his competitor has an Audi. It’s ridiculous.

Every moment there is a competition and there is no definite win but life definitely gives us a fair chance to move ahead fast. We just need to perform with our best effort till we grab the opportunity with our both hands when it comes.

Competition should be with our own targets / thoughts / reference. It’s not other who we are following. The destination should be drawn by us not by others.

Then only “Competition will be enjoyed and tasted like a hot tea during a cold night”

Don’t think much, Do your best. As they say

Everything will be okay
it’ll all work out 
Even though it’s in shambles right now
and you are stuck in the middle of situation
where you feel helpless
we are all helpless sometimes
in one way or another
don’t let it consume you




4 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Great thought…

    “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.”
    Howard Cosell
    you expressed, every individual thoughts in your writings.

    Liked by 2 people

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