My reading Fantasy


I love reading and always have. Give me a good book I’ll be happy. The moment when I’m deep in thought, If anything can change my mood than that must be a good book, cup of coffee, good music, golden hue of sun, star pinched sky, sea, hills, rain and kids.  I embrace these moments because what would be life if not for the constant evolving of mind, heart and soul.

In fact, one of my fantasy is that I win a huge lottery, go to an independent bookstore sweep my arm along the book shelves, the piling of books into dozen of cart. Then go to a tropical island and spend the rest of the days reading all the books worth of reading.

Another fantasy is to get paid for reading. Imagine reading every leadership book and get paid for that.


Though it seems kinda dreamy but I always been crave for it.

The precise moment, right now is when I am happy. When the fresh smell of coffee fills my nostrils with the sweet aroma of stillness and awaking. This right here, reading until my eyes get tired and my heart can’t take any more brilliantness historical researched book of  Ashwin or the sweet love story written by  Nicholas.  

Lisa Kleypass, who is a bestselling American author once said

“A well-read woman is a dangerous creature”

This is what I call the life. We seek, we thrive and search for something more than the everyday things makes us ordinary and deep down we know that someday and somehow we’ll be remembered for something more than our bodies and pretty face.

So I’ll suggest,  you should make time for deep reading at least in a week and that kind of reading that requires a minimum 20-30 min of focus  rather than too familiar click and blink kind of reading. 


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