Story Never Ends


Mumbai, the city that never sleeps and The Story Never ends. It’s the place where everyone is busy but no one is on time and it’s full of
“You don’t know who am I” Tum Janata nehi mein koun hun
 Which is opposite of Delhi
“Tu janta nehi mera baap kaun he” You don’t know who is my father.

It was the last night before Sally leaves back to her place. July evening, which seems Mumbai was drenching in rain and how can sally stay in her office, after all Rain is the biggest weakness and suddenly she remember about Harry who stays at Mumbai. They made their plan to explore the city and the street food.

“So Harry, where we are heading to?

“Ohh Sally”  you don’t worry you are safe as long as I am hosting you. And you know the phrase of mumabikar

“You don’t know who I am”

So don’t worry and we had an appointment with Bappa, I mean Sidhvinayak and they both headed to Sidhivinayak. Even, in the hustle bustle of the city traffic on a Friday evening, there was a striking calmness in the temple. Darshan was taken and the divine blessings were seeked, Time to leave, but hangon..Bappa and Rain had different plans for these two. Just when they set out, it rained as if there is no tomorrow and with the last Aarti just few minutes later, the decision to stay in the temple was an easy one and as it turned out to be the best mesmerising experience of life.

May be the kind of start needed for the night to follow

After the wonderful darshan of Bappa, they headed to Gateway of India, which is an Icon of city of the dreams.

They were walking beside the sea, where silence between them was weird. The calmness on her face was attractive enough for the bright moon to get jealous and It was the same sky but the horizon seemed different. The cool breeze caressing the face, the dim lights of sea and the noise of the waves crashing the fences of gateway as if urging to be a drapetomania to the city life.

Harry was an ice breaker and he broke the silence between them

“Do you know these waves say something and the sound of wave has different meaning?” she broke the silence, feeling awkward by his gaze.

“And Harry you do understand the words of wave” isn’t she asked, which makes them a stomach full of laugh.

You know what Sally
“Every sea wave comes, touches your feet, as if reminding you of their presence and then leave. Like everyone does.

They come, make you realise their presence and then leave suddenly”. she said looking towards the sea.
“But these waves do come back” he replied.

“They do come back but mostly when you are not prepared for it, when you have accepted that they won’t come back” she replied as if she got offended

That’s life Sally, Life is the greatest teacher of all, it has its own way of teaching us things that nobody else ever could and which makes us stronger. Don’t you agree with me, throwing his smile.   

How can sally denied to him, after all she do love the logic all the time. 
And the misty rains was giving enough fuel to the thoughts and talks of life, which was turning out a discovery of one’s own calling, in a peculiar way unfolding what we want from within our self and what’s the offering to the world. it was all in the very moment.

Just as the cloud was clearing the skies they realised that the last local has left the station and the crazy night will be indeed spent on the streets of the city with Harry.  Trust had a different name then. And after a long time, ‘What’s next??’ was not a concern.

Walk in the Marine amidst the 2 am bustling crowd was turning out the perfect feed for the brains and heart both.

Life and it’s patterns!!!!!



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