Yes….. I’m Single


So India…
A land of festivals. World’s second largest country over 1 billion populations. 118 major languages and more than 1,000 minor languages. A country which is rich in its culture. Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Among of all, the most popular festival is  Dussehra, which is the famous festival and most awaited one for all

Indian Marriages are pretty complicated and when it comes to Arranged Marriage, it becomes an event of chaos and unconditional surrender for some girls. It becomes pathetic for any girl who stays single till her 30th birthday.

Marriage has its own charm in India yet during the whole process, some girls get harassed sometimes. For arranged marriage, girls used to be treated as a showpiece as if they are brought as a present for others. Generally, a girl gets excited about her marriage but she never realizes about the grueling process, she has to go through starting from Groom hunting show.

So this is the story of Arya who is about to celebrate her 23rd birthday though she is excited about her arranged marriage. Now Arya has to be careful with her looks, her appearance, her qualification and that so-called degree (which she might not have) till she meets the guy. In deep down, millions of thoughts will come across her mind.  What if the guy rejects because of her degree, her appearance? She has to be cautious while talking to a guy.

What if he called her as passive-aggressive nature?
What if their mentality will not match?
What if family’s mentality will not be on the same page?
What if job will be the criteria!!!!

When her family won’t hear from the man (this kind of thing happened in the arranged set-up), they do start analyzing different and useless things like what Arya said, what Arya ordered, what she wore and how much she ate during the meeting. They do try to figure out what was the thing and why that didn’t work, (even if she had no interest in meeting that man any further) and then so-called relative won’t stop to taunt about the marriage, even if they are not spending a single penny on the girl but they won’t stop poking.

Cut to a few years later and the groom hunting business. Arya is on the verge of turning to 28th and still single.

And now she’s no longer afraid of what a man thinks of her when the guy meets her for the first time. She’s no longer afraid whether he would like her or not.  Arya is only afraid of whether she’ll like him or not. She’s afraid what if the guy turned to be a stupid whom she’ll like or fall for. With the age, she becomes matured and life taught her the best lesson but the elder, still they are busy on counting the age of her.

Is this what elders have always been afraid of which is why they want girls married early?

Marry in your early 20s! Once you are older, you will become too stubborn about what you want/don’t want and your demand will go on increasing with the passing of time and our middle-class family will not be able to full fill your requirement.

Have u checked your father’s occupation, your family’s reputation, we agree you’re earning but for how many days you’ll stay single. You have a younger sister too. You’re not a daughter of any IAS officer neither you belong to any high-class family, nor you’re the queen.

How the heck!!!!!

She might not be the queen but she’s the princess to her father and she wants a man who’ll treat her as queen, not like his slave

The relative was trying to be kind and patient, by allowing her to justify why she did not like a perfectly good guy (according to them) even though she doesn’t like.

No, she’s a not Queen. But she thinks of herself as a progressive, loyal, caring and intelligent yet the stubborn who have many flaws.  Decent enough to be a companion for someone.

Would she compromise on these values that she’s looking for?  
Absolutely not! It is not like she’s asking for good looks or money
A good human, who can stand beside her in every up and down
A shoulder to lean in
A best friend for lifetime

Let the 28th  or 30th  birthday come along! Do not afraid. Let be single for some more time.

Yes, Arya, she is not afraid.
Sad, maybe but not afraid.
The only thing She’s afraid of is ending with the wrong person.



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