Crazy Algorithm of Love


Love is what makes you smile
When you’re tired
Love is when the sun sets
So that the moon can shine
The Sea greeting the shore
No matters how much time he pushed away

Love is when brother shares his chocolate for his sister
Love is when those little kids build the house with the fine sand
Even if that meant to be drowned


Love is when my mommy makes coffee
For daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him,
To make sure the taste is OK

Love is when an old man tries to impress his woman
By clicking her picture many times,

Love is when you forget everything when she/he smiles.
When she/he says, I know you will be with me
You make every effort to keep her/his happy and smiling.

Love is a symbiosis
Love is the sense of oneness
the dissolution of ego
the reminder that we are all connected
in ways that the eyes can’t see
and the ears can’t hear
but that the soul can’t help but feel

Love is the cure to all that ails us
and yet, though it’s so easy to give
somehow, we still don’t have enough of it

Funny thing about love
when we demand it from others, we get even less
but when we give it without expectation
we get more than we could have ever imagined




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