Glance of the Historical City- Baroda (Vadodara)

I never thought I’ll explore so many places in a single day from the city which is blended with culture, nature, and adventure. After the crazy working day, it was difficult to manage the time to explore the city, but the curious mind always turned towards the History.
Looking back to those days, where living in the royal palace. Ahhh.!!!
Wish I can go back in between those 7th to 18th century and could have been the Queen of the world.

Don’t we all have a tiny royal gene in all of us? With a bit of tweezing, the urge to live a royal life comes gushing out. Every visit transports me back in time.

So, for me, it was a solo trip and solo trips have its own charm. Living and enjoying the things in your own tune. Morning of Baroda is pleasant. Watching the rising sun from the window, where birds are busy with humming and the streets are filled with the morning walkers and your room is filled with your favorite track.

A little stroll is in order after indulging in the delicious food and I head to a serene and peaceful place called EME temple. A miniature version of Lotus Temple, it is an all-religion-encompassing and one-of-a-kind destination. The temple runs by Indian army which was constructed way back in 1965 and the strange thing is u need to produce your ID proof to enter this temple. The architecture is mesmerizing which can take the breath away. If you want to forget the surroundings, the happenings, and want a good mental peace, do visit this Temple. The surrounding garden to is so peaceful, that you will sit for hours. It’s made of aircraft steel and the structure. The temple is a mix of many religion like Jain, Muslim, Christa, and Hindu. Very calm, serene place with a lot of greenery.

EME-Temple                                                            EME Temple

After spending an hour or so at EME temple, my rambling mind takes me to the Syaji Baug. A nice park and a great environment. It includes a zoo, A museum, A planetarium, birdhouses, Aquarium, Toy Train. People from all age groups are being occupied by this park. Children’s are playing their best game, the couples were enjoying their time and I found a bunch of ladies who were busy with Yoga and exercise.
IMG_20180202_164155 (1)                               Sayaji Baug- Ladies busy with exercise

The Art Gallery consists the fine collection of art, sculpture, ethnography, and ethnology. The main attraction of this museum is Egyptian mummy and skeleton of a blue whale. You must be surprised by the name of the Blue whale. Yes, the skeleton of the Blue whale is stored in the museum.

IMG_20180202_155210                                                                 Baroda Museum

Oops, the guards were so strict they didn’t allow me to capture any picture. And I caught red-handed while clicking a picture. You need to be very careful while taking pictures inside the palace. They will sneak up on you and make you delete it for sure.
This apart, you will also be amazed at the sight of the noted Akota bronzes of the 5th Century AD, A collection of Mughal miniatures, a fully packed gallery of Tibetan Art and oils by several European masters. Besides, at the Art Gallery, you will also be seeing numerous original paintings and masterpieces. The ones that draw attention to the maximum is the collection of originals by celebrated British painters Turner and constable.

After spending 2hr inside the museum, I stepped out to the garden settling myself on a bench and started reading my novel and suddenly I was being disturbed by a man who is a street photographer and speaking to a stranger has its meaning.

And what I learned from the photographer is While you are walking in a street, if you are not thinking about that street, we cannot say that you are walking in that street because you are always in the place where your mind is! Wherever you are, you can be in that place only by being at the present moment!

IMG_20180202_172520                        My Best Friend, it always occupies the space in my tiny bag

Ohh Yes!! People were enjoying their chores along with the old Bollywood from 65’s to 90’s which started playing after 5 PM onwards in the Sayaji Baug. The collection of songs will make you speechless.

After spending 2-3 hrs in the park, I started to explore the Lakshmi Vilas Palace. It is the face of Vadodara. The Gaekwar kings built this majestic palace and it is now open to the public with its weaponry, paintings, courtyards and lobbies and the main sitting darbar section. A palace tour with an audio guide takes about 1.5-2 hours covering the armory section, lobbies, courtyards and Darbar Hall. Its a dip in history, art, culture, and royalty. A must-visit when in Vadodara


Then followed by the Swami Narayan Temple and Iskon. Ohh yes don’t forget to indulge yourself with the most popular Gujurat Thali, Gujarati cuisine is famous all over the country and a Thali is a must-have for anybody who visits Vadodara. A sumptuous Gujarati Thali with varieties of bread/roti, vegetables/sabji, namkeen/farsan, curry and sweet, ending with chhas/buttermilk makes for the perfect dinner.


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Vadodara is easily accessible by plane/ train or bus. Most trains going to Delhi will pass through Vadodara, while other cities can access by flights or bus.  The city is small, making the farthest distance to be only 20 mins away 🙂 Ah, joys of Big Little Cities.  palace will be visible throughout the city which adds the of royalty to the concrete establishments around.

If you want to feel like a royalty then book your tickets to Vadodara. The right time to go would be during Navratri (Garba), 9 day festival of goddess Durga.

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