In search of “Why”


At times we feel suffocated, We lay down on our bed every day, keeping the eye wide open, holding our best novel in the hand but our mind go into overdrive. The thoughts of our past and present.

We begin to cry and wonder why?
Why does this have to happen to me?

To avoid this we turn our phone on and go on social media, even if there is nothing new. We skim every best article what we preserved for this time. We glance the article as much as we can, and sometimes we do understand we are not alone in this journey. That there are many others with such pain in their heart and have overcome the exact obstacle we have.

You can cry, scream and overthink as much as u want but u must release this pain from your heart in order to move on and when you are unable to handle all the pain it’s better to believe there is someone who is watching you.

Who can guide you;
Why to wonder when it’s not in your hand. I understand and agree this is the dumbest thing but don’t you think we have been created to spread the magic.
To find the light in the darkest hour.
To uplift ourselves when things are really messy

Yes, we need to pick ourselves up at that moment, like as a kid does after the bruised knee.
I’m giving all my problems to God
I’m giving him my weakness
I’m giving all the problems I can’t solve and all the hardship I can’t handle
I’m giving him everything on my plate because it’s getting too heavy to carry by myself.
I’m giving God my future because I don’t think what’s right for me anymore
I don’t think, I understand how the universe works.
I don’t think, I have enough wisdom to understand which path is right for me

Ohh yes!!
Now I understand and believe that I can’t handle everything and I am falling and he’s the only one who can catch me.
It may sound weird but yes
I believe
He is the only one who can guide me
Who can help me to find the solution
Who can guide me to find the purpose
Who can help me to get throw it
He’s the only one who can give me the right answers
He’s the only one who can truly fix my life and fix me
Hopefully, things will fall into place. 


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