Do we really “FAIL”


“Failure” The word where it breaks the heart and feels like the earth has been slipped underneath from the foot but the faster and faster I fail, the better and better I get. The trauma of life falling and getting up taught me that there are many ways to live the life, in fact, there is an infinite way to live the life.

” Life never follows a prescribed or predefined path”

Exactly like the tide and the sea.  Even if the sea is one; where some tide touches the feet by its calm and softness of water, on the other hand, few didn’t. Same as Pain and growing up. And no, Pain isn’t beautiful. Pain is terrible. It is not in the pain where one finds beauty. One finds beauty in what comes out of that pain. Just as rain brings the dry earth to give out incomparable fragrance, pain makes the hearts of people overflow with art. Deep and meaningful words. Words of wisdom. Words that can weave magic. In a world where the pain is as inevitable as death, finding beauty in times of difficulty is what keeps us going, that is what provides us solace, keeps us sane.

The struggle, Life at Slum, growing up, Society, Corporate world and sum of all these this life told me that there are many ways to do the thing. I have always been afraid for rejection and failure. Till early of my 25, the fear of rejection and failure never allowed me to take any risk. I never even wanted to try. I thought it was about doing it perfectly or not doing it all.

Now that I’m an adult with anxiety, I don’t ever want to stop trying. Slowly I realized 

Each try is another chance to improve
Another rejection is a way to learn new things
Another heartbreak helps to find what’s right and what’s wrong for me
Each broken piece helped me to mold and give a new shape to life
The small and little beautiful Butterfly helped me to learn
We need to get out from the cocoon to explore the beautiful world.
The more I broke I learned a new way to improve
Another chance of becoming what I always thrived for

Failure and Rejection helped me to grow in a better way, it helped to become better. With time, rejection and failures helped me to figure out what works for me, what’s true for me and helped me to step into a life that is always in the process of becoming.
I can’t fail you, and I can’t fail myself because I’m always a work, which is in progress. A continues to progress.  A better of me with each passing day.


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