Hey everyone.

Thanks for stopping by. I am very much sure you have many things to do rather than reading this blog, right? Since you are here. Let me introduce myself and give you the basic idea about this blog.

I am Rashmita Sahu and also known by Koko, from Silk City Berhampur, India. By profession, I am a Civil Engineer. An open minded person, love flowers, nature and the beauty. Enjoys quite evening  under the star pinched sky. Crazy fan of books. Dabbles in music, love to play Guitar. In other way, i do have weakness on road trip, want to explore the world  in my lifetime. 

About my blog, this contain poems, short stories and real facts of life.

I guess this will be sufficed …

For further information please reach  me on my mail ID koko.rashmi20@gmail.com. I would love to see you in my inbox.