It was a Saturday evening. Star pinched sky, i was siting at lawn and roaming in my imaginary world. All of sudden i came to reality when someone asked me Hey!!!! What are you doing? Seems you lost in your thought? Then my curious mind asked to the old man  "Sir ! Can you please [...]


Old Age Home

While crossing the foot over bridge Of a crowded city Where all are busy Coz it’s a big city, A grey old woman sits all alone On the bridge With her torn cloths Unloved, un-cherished and unknown Tears were rolling down As if she was searching something Or she has lost something Or she doesn’t [...]

A Dainty Life

You wake up and you know it’s going to be a lazy Sunday.  Today is all about the fine art of having a relaxing, soothing, snoozing Sunday! A perfect slow day, a day for breakfasts in bed, naps and baths. A day to roam all around with your comfort Paijam. There is no rush for student [...]


I felt nothing, like a vacuum, Nothing, like Numb, And I felt completely alone, As if no one could hear me                   As if I was essentially invisible, As if my shoulder sink under, The weight of this stress. And my mind echoes the number, Eyes heavy but wide open, Thinking maybe I missed something, My [...]